What is included in hardscape?

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What is included in hardscape?

Hard landscaping can include almost any type of decorative or practical structure in a landscape, from entrances to fences and benches. Hard landscaping is a fundamental part of landscape design, as it provides definition and a sense of organization to natural areas and features. Hardscape is the term for tough gardening materials. Concrete, asphalt, stone, glass, brick, metal and gravel are all hard landscapes.

In general use, hard landscape means materials placed by human design. The harsh landscape contrasts with soft materials such as vegetation and soil, which are known as soft landscapes. Together, the hard landscape and the soft landscape form the landscape.

Hard landscaping

is non-living landscape elements made of stone, bricks, concrete or metal.

Soft landscaping is living elements such as soil, trees, flowers, grass, and shrubs. A well-balanced landscape design will include an attractive combination of gardening elements and gentle landscaping. Hard landscaping is the foundation of soft landscaping. The Spruce defines landscaping as the “non-living elements” of landscaping.

This includes cobblestone patios, retaining walls, entrances, fences, benches, and the like. In general, hard landscape elements are more practical (patios, fences) but can also be decorative (benches, pergolas). In addition, elements such as outdoor chimneys or water fountains are included in the definition of hard landscaping. Softscape is any component of a garden that is or has been alive.

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Ground covers, shrubs and trees are the main components of landscaping. Hard landscaping makes it possible to construct artificial landscape elements that would otherwise be impossible due to soil erosion, including some that compensate for the large amounts of human traffic that would cause wear and tear on bare earth or grass. Occasionally, people include items such as gazebos, benches and flower pots in their definition of a supplied hard landscape. The term hardscapes includes patios, landscaped walkways, retaining walls, water fountains, fire pits, landscape lighting, grill frames, pergolas, and any other custom feature for your outdoor living space.

Defined as design that is built with natural, artificial and non-living materials, the hard landscape includes elements such as stone or concrete walkways, roofs, walls, planters and anything else that uses “hard” materials. Landscape design companies will offer a variety of gardening materials so that your project can include different elements that fit the look of your landscape. Landscape Solutions is proud to offer expert landscapers the ability to create beautiful, eye-catching landscape designs that include balanced elements of hard and soft landscapes. Add in a landscape that mainly includes rocks and gravel, some architectural light poles, perhaps a stone retaining wall, and it's an overload of hard landscape.

From an urban planning perspective, hard landscapes can include very large elements, such as paved roads, entrances or fountains, and even small pools or ponds that do not exceed a certain safe height.

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