The Reason Why Gutter Cleaning is Must in Hardscaping Design

Having your Gutter Cleaning is Needed before Hard Landscaping - Read more. . .

The Reason Why Gutter Cleaning is Must in Hardscaping Design

Gutters are important for keeping the water from your home's roof away from the foundation. However, if they become clogged, this process can be disrupted, which leads to leaks and dampness in the walls of the house.

Moreover, a clogged gutter can also damage your home's siding and roofing shingles and cause mold growth. It can also compromise the soil underneath your home's foundation, which can cause it to shift over time.

The Best Month to Clean Your Gutters

For many homeowners, fall is the ideal season for gutter cleaning, but spring is also a good option. The type of trees around your home can affect how often you need to have your gutters cleaned, too. For example, pine trees that shed pine needles year-round can cause a lot of debris to build up in your gutters, so you may need to have them cleaned more frequently than people with only a couple of deciduous trees that shed leaves and other materials in the fall.

The Tools You Need to Complete the Job

Professional cleaners such as Gutter Cleaning Anderson SC typically use a ladder or an extension for two-story homes, plus a trowel and a bucket to collect twigs, branches, and other debris that can impede the flow of water. They can also use a garden hose to spray water into gutters and suck debris out. Wearing safety goggles and gloves is a must for carrying wet or damp debris.

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